Friday, October 28, 2016

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Cadbury’s owner not to takeover Hershey

Cadbury- Hershey takeover cancelled= End of extra chocolaty dreams The British confectionery company Cadbury is ruling the world with its finest chocolates, chocolate malt, snacks...

Food That Should Never Be Reheated In Microwave

In the Era of the 21st century, we all are dependent on machines that might be for transport, entertainment or for our kitchen. If...


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Your Personalized Summer Zodiac Style Guide

Now style yourself this summer according to your zodiac sign by following this coolest zodiac style guide ever. There are 12 zodiac sign and it...


Bollywood Facts

Interesting Facts And Gossips Of Bollywood

Bollywood is a renowned film industry worldwide, competing with Hollywood in many aspects. Mumbai, India’s entertainment hub and home of Bollywood, is one of...

Sugar is equivalent to slow poison- Neutritionist

This is why you should stop having SUGAR We have a bad news for you if you are highly addicted to sugar and byproducts. Because...
India’s Membership In Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)

India’s Membership In Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)

The foreign policy of any country from time immemorial appeared to have been affected by its geopolitical importance, economic well being, growing demands and...

Ray ban is not worth what you pay for. Know the reality behind it.

Everyone is addicted to the way they look after wearing those super sexy sunglasses or should I say the eyewear to be more specific....

Jharkhand Class 12 (Arts) results to be declared on June 9

Students who conducted Jharkhand Board exams from Arts exam could check their results. They were eagerly waiting for the result. Students worked very hard...


Why Is Ranveer Everyone’s Favourite

People come people go but there are very few who make a statement about everything they do. One such person alive in this entire...